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The Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (Zamil Industrial) work philosophy is characterized by professionalism and a commitment to excellently serve its customers - both internal and external.

An Ethical and Law-Abiding Company

"A company is only as good as its people."

Each employee represents the Company to its customers, suppliers, visitors, and the public in general. The Company believes in abiding by the applicable laws and respecting customs and religion in territories where the Company does business.

Zamil Industrial is committed to the following standards:

  • Uncompromising honesty and integrity
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals
  • Promotion of individual initiative and innovation
  • Maintenance of a safe workplace
  • Protection of the environment

While regulations may vary from territory to territory, Zamil Industrial expects its employees and others acting on its behalf to comply with all laws and with Company policies. Employees who violate a law or Zamil Industrial Corporate/Administrative and Personnel Policies are subject to appropriate disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of employment.

Every Employee is a Contributor

The Company believes that every employee hired has the potential to contribute positively to the success of Zamil Industrial. Because of this, Zamil Industrial shall endeavor to create a proactive and constructive work environment, using the abilities of employees in the best possible manner, while promoting a healthy work-life balance.

No one job is more important than the others, because each employee's output contributes to the productivity of his colleagues and to the achievement of Company objectives.

All employees are expected to perform their tasks in the best possible way and to conduct themselves at the highest levels of professionalism, competence, and integrity

Relationships and Ethical Business Conduct

Creating a culture of ethical business conduct built on integrity and honesty may at times require more than strictly complying with the law. Where there are no laws governing certain activities, each employee is expected to uphold the standards set by the Company that adhere to its commitment to integrity in all its dealings.

In maintaining business relationships with external entities, the following shall apply:

Government. The company shall comply with relevant government laws, rules and regulations.

Suppliers and Contractors. Vendors and contractors shall be allowed to compete for company business on an equal basis, in the interest of fairness and value-added to the Company. The Company shall discharge its commitments to suppliers and contractors promptly and fairly and expects them to do the same.

General Public. Transactions will be characterized by fairness, attaining customer satisfaction, and discharging Company responsibilities.

Among Employees. Zamil Industrial is a multicultural environment embracing employees of various ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. It therefore encourages employees to realize strength in diversity and unity in purpose and action.

Employees are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism and decorum; professional relationships take precedence in the work environment.

Employee Work Week

Zamil Industrial shall enforce a forty-eight (48)-hour workweek for its offices and production sites within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which shall generally be spread out in five working days from Saturday to Wednesday. Departments shall have the option to implement working schedules based on five-day or six-day workweeks based on operating requirements and business contingencies.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim employees shall be required to work six 6-hour days per week, or a total of thirty-six (36) hours for the entire week, without loss of basic income and without impact on normal allowances paid.

Health, Safety and Environment

It is the philosophy of Zamil Industrial that employees be adequately trained to maintain safety at all times. The Company has in-house safety officers to enforce safety rules; all employees are required to use proper methods and equipment to perform jobs safely.

It is Company policy to comply with all relevant HS&E (Health, Safety & Environment) laws and regulations and with production process-specific HS&E guidelines. The Company provides all reasonable safety and security measures and issues appropriate safety equipment such as hats, shoes, goggles, gloves, and earplugs to employees at the production site.

The Company ensures that no operational shortcuts shall be taken and advocates that appropriate safety and health considerations are incorporated into daily job duties and business decisions.

Employee Discipline and Grievances

In keeping with its commitment to professionalism, the Company shall enforce discipline as a key component in creating and maintaining harmonious relationships within and outside the Company.

The Company's disciplinary measures are a framework by which discipline is upheld while fairness and equity are maintained in the treatment of employees. Employees shall be given due process in the application of disciplinary measures, and such measures shall be applied only in cases where good reason and clear evidence exist.

Company rules and regulations are spelled out for employees so that there will be uniform understanding and acceptance of rules and appropriate disciplinary measures, and discipline shall at all times be administered in accordance with the provisions of the applicable labor laws and regulations.

Employee grievances exist when an employee has a complaint that should be answered if he states that the Company's treatment in a given case is in conflict with Company policy or is unfair or inequitable. It is Company policy to acknowledge the right of every employee to have genuine grievances resolved as quickly as possible and to deal with such problems and grievances while they are still small.

The Company shall adhere to a strict policy prohibiting retaliation against employees who raise a grievance or report suspected violations of corporate policy, as well as against those who cooperate in a Company investigation in relation to these matters.

Zamil Industrial prides itself on being an employer of choice. Through its performance management system, the Company provides annualized pay increases. Saudi Arabia is a tax-free environment. Expatriates can take full advantage of income earned while working in the Kingdom.


As part of each employment contract, Zamil Industrial shall provide housing allowances or furnished housing accommodation of adequate standard. Accommodation shall be assigned to employees based on job grade, seniority, and availability.

While the type of Company-provided accommodation may vary somewhat among its member-Companies, the Company adheres to the principle of providing decent housing and food to each employee.

The following facilities, services and items are provided and paid for by the Company as an integral part of the accommodation supplied to employees:

  • Water, both potable and for sanitation purposes
  • Electricity
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Fire fighting and fire detection equipment
  • Food
  • Furniture, fixtures, and fittings (The inventory varies according to the type of accommodation provided.)


Bus services from accommodation to job site and back shall be provided to those employees who reside in company-provided housing.

Employees who reside outside of company-provided housing shall be entitled to allowances to cover the cost of conveyance whether by public transportation or use of their private cars. The determination of any allowance entitlement shall be on the basis of the level of mobility required by the job of the employee and the nature or level of representation that the employee's job requires.

Employees who are entitled to a vehicle allowance entitlement may get an advance of up to 24 months of their vehicle allowance to purchase their own vehicles.

Health Care

The health and well-being of employees and of their authorized dependents are of utmost importance to the Company. Zamil Industrial, through each of its member Companies, shall maintain an in-house clinical facility within its offices or nominate a qualified medical service provider to provide medical services to employees and their families.

Zamil Industrial shall provide for all normal emergency medical attention for employees and their dependents through an accredited health maintenance organization. The coverage of such treatment shall normally include general practitioner examination, referred specialist examination, hospitalization (both in-patient and out-patient) including all necessary surgical treatment, prescribed radiography, prescribed medication, and essential laboratory or other examinations.

For dental services, the Company pays only for the cost of tooth extraction; the Company pays for optometric testing but not for corrective lenses or other ophthalmic services. Illnesses, conditions, or disabilities that pre-exist employment and accidents (e.g., sporting injuries) that could have been prevented by due care on the part of the employee are excluded from medical benefits coverage. This likewise applies to treatments that are self-prescribed in nature, preventive without approval, or cosmetic in effect.

Vacations and Leaves

The Company lets employees enjoy paid vacations to attend to their personal and family matters. The Company shall also provide appropriate medical leaves. The Company also observes official holidays in observance of the religious customs and pertinent government regulations of the territories where it operates.

Depending on contract duration, employees shall receive vacation. In the first contract, expatriate employees on two-year contracts will receive 45 days of vacation after completing 24 months and then receive said vacations after 22 1/2 months on subsequent contracts. For those on one-year contracts, expatriates will receive 30 days of vacation after the first 12 months of service and then after 11 months of service for subsequent contracts.

Saudi employees who are paid monthly receive 30 days of vacation after 12 months of service. Those on hourly rates receive 15 days of vacation on the first year and 22 days for every subsequent year.

Medical Leave
The regulations of the Saudi General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) allow for government support for employees who incur industrial-related injuries and ailments. In addition to industrial medical leave, the Company grants each employee 30 days of paid sick leave for the entire year at full salary and allowances and 75% of salary and allowances for the next 60 days.

Other Forms of Paid Leave
The Company grants other forms of paid leave for emergency cases, paternity, and marriage within the Kingdom. Muslim employees going on Hajj or pilgrimage are also granted a one-time leave during their stay with the Company.
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