Zamil Central Air Conditioners Develops New Air-Cooled Water Chiller

Zamil Central Air Conditioners Co. has recently developed a new air-cooled water chiller (ASV) with integrated variable speed drive that provides a variable cooling capacity up to 390 TR. It uses the environment friendly refrigerant R134a.

The ASV chiller is energy-efficient and requires less service and maintenance than other similar systems. The primary variable flow system features a low starting current, suitable for hot ambient conditions, a compact footprint, reducing both space and weight, low noise, high Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) and a shorter payback period for customers. The unit provides customers with a cooling solution that delivers truly sustainable performance and operation.

The ASV chiller is accredited and has achieved performance certificate AHRI 550/590 and UL-1995 safety certification, and complies with SASO and ASHRAE 90.1 standards. Its additional options and features have been considered to improve efficiency, serviceability, and accessibility.

The new chiller is suitable for both commercial and light industrial chilled water applications. It operates efficiently and reliably. It features a smart controller that has multiple options for safe operations, as well as being suitable for all control protocols and fully compatible with building management systems.