Zamil Central Air Conditioners Develops Custom-Made Double Skin Air Handling and Air Condensing Systems

Zamil Central Air Conditioners Co. has recently developed custom-built Double Skin Air Handling systems and Air-Cooled Condensing systems. They were specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of the prestigious Riyadh Metro project for tailor-made HVAC solutions that provide maximum application flexibility and energy savings to the client.

The customized air handling units come with multi-functional components such as a heat recovery wheel, sound attenuators, and ionization filters. They also offer a single Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control panel with auto and manual operation; start, stop, and trip indication lights; and a main circuit breaker. The VFD panel is integrated with a BACnet controller and linked or interlocked to a burner management system (BMS) safety controller.

The special air-cooled condensing units come with high static condenser fans suitable for pit installation in metro stations. They feature ducted connections for the condenser fans, equipped with an electronically commutated motor and controlled by temperature sensor.

Zamil Central Air Conditioners assures the quality, safety and comfort of these units with a range of standard features, including low-noise condenser fans with insulated motors for quiet operation.

These custom-built and modified air handling and air condensing systems continue the company’s long tradition of designing and manufacturing technologically innovative, high-quality air conditioning systems.